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Sammi Cheng – Courage

By tehconi | July 9, 2007

Sammi is back !

This is taken from the last of 8 concerts held in Hong Kong in May 2007, marking her return to the world of entertainment.

Besides her brilliant performance, and good rapport with fans and guest performers, one segment which really touched me is her reading out a letter she wrote to herself at the closing of the 8-day concerts.


I like the last sentence most.
This homework – I think you have done it.
I am certain that you have returned.
More importantly, your courage has returned.

At every stage of our lives, everyone needs courage.
To face ourselves, to face the future.
Today’s concert, these eight concerts,
I have proven to myself that I have done it.
I have won over my other self.


Indeed, everyone needs courage at some point in our lives for different reasons.  To come back from temporary defeat, to find new strength to go on the journey of our choice, to push ahead even though we see nothing but fog over yonder, guided only by faith and belief in our vision.

Having courage is one thing, doing the necessary homework is important too.  In fact doing the homework builds courage.  Sometimes, in the pursuit of our dreams, we give up too easily without even doing enough homework.  So at the end of the day, we let down no one but ourselves.

Sammi gave an interview with Phoenix TV recently.

Interview part 1

Interview part 2

I find that she has found that sense of calm that can only come from finding what she was looking for when she left the scene 2 years ago.  She exudes beauty arising from maturity in character and person as a whole.

I’m glad she’s back.  By being an outward manifestation of someone who has found new meaning and courage, she will be an inspiration to her fans … and me 🙂

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