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The Secret… Exposed

By tehconi | July 12, 2007

The Secret has taken the world by storm.

Have you wondered – what’s so “secret” about it ?   What’s behind the eye-catching cover that claims to be an ancient “antidote” which can give you anything you want, if you apply it ?

I am a book fanatic.  The local bookstore is my favourite hangout and I can easily spend hundreds of dollars a month on books.   However, there is this thing about books with flashy cover, which makes me want to linger around it longer before forking out the extra dollars.  I want to base my decision to buy on the substance, not the cover.

Perhaps the marketing hype is too loud.  Perhaps the title is just too “secret” and therefore enticing to a curious consumer.   After a couple of trips to the bookstore, I finally succumbed to my inquisitive nature and bought it.  I want to find out for myself what the hoopla is all about.

What “The Secret” Is Really About…

The book is a compilation of quotes by well-known people – living and ancient (i.e. dead).  The author tries to give a structure to the quotes and breaks the book into different categories.  However the essence is the “law of attraction” – the weaving thread through the chapters.

The basic concept is visualisation and belief in the thing you want, hence in the process attracting it into your life (hopefully).

If you keep thinking about bad things, likely you’ll attract the bad things into your life. if you visualise and cultivate strong positive emotions, etc about your desired object, your mind will tend to notice the paths to attain your goal. hence, it seems that you are “attracting” it into your life.

So Is “The Secret” Really A Secret ?

If you are an ardent reader of self-help books, you’ll find that the concept is nothing new or “secret”.  It’s the marketing hype that makes it take the world by storm.

Having said that, visualisation, strong desire and belief are the first steps to achieving what you want.  So a book with this focus is a good read too…    

Ultimately, action has to follow to actualise the mental “exercise” as in the law of attraction.  Otherwise, it’s like building sand castle in the air.  No matter how beautiful the sand castle is, it is still … in the air !

If by reading this book, you can get so inspired to take that first step to start the process of attraction – by thinking right – then I think you would have reaped the benefits from reading it and the money is well spent.  

Hey, you could even present this as a gift and capitalize on the sensational-looking cover !

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