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What Do You Do When Things Screw Up…

By tehconi | September 13, 2007


After You Have Done Everything You Possibly Could ?

Yes, nothing.

I’m not trying to kid you.  Don’t think that I’m belittling the catastrophic moment when all hell break loose, or dismiss this as insignificant.  There’s a hella significance in this one word –> 

Don’t get angry.  Don’t curse or blame.  Don’t get depressed.  Don’t fret.  Don’t be resigned.  Don’t give up.  That’s right, do nothing.  

Even though you may have done everything you possibly could, things may just screw up.  Even if you are the best expert in your field, there will come a rainy day and that’s not of your making.  This is part and parcel of the phenomenon called life

Just move on.

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