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Horror Movies Of The Mind

By tehconi | February 8, 2008

The mind plays tricks
Often it makes things out to be bigger than they really are
We think and think and think
“OMG it’s a disaster”
“OMG what are we going to do” 

Then when it comes
And we get through it
It’s a breeze
It’s not as bad as we thought it to be
We handled it pretty well
It’s quite alright, actually

So it goes for all the things
That we keep holding back on
That we prepare continuously for
That we make a mountain out of
That we visualize and fantasize about
That we plan meticulously about 

But never get to doing
Because the mountain seems too big and scary
Even though it is created out of the mole hill in our mind
A fiction
Which has become a horror movie
Playing forever in our minds

When merely switching off the projection machine
And chucking away the DVD
Will do the job of killing the horror movie
Liberating us
To live in reality
That which truly matters

Like love
Like relatives
Like relationship
Like dreams
Like public speaking
Like performing in front of people
Like women
Like men
Like kids

Remember that
It’s just a fiction of our mind
A projection of our own fears
It’s just a movie
It isn’t real 

The reality can be quite different from the projection
Often, it’s much easier and achievable
Than we make it out to be

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