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High speed learning from Grand Prix driving

By tehconi | April 10, 2008

You are driving too slowly. I want you to go faster.

I want you to go fast because speed will burn that fear out of you. Your fear keeps you stuck. You get up to your fear and then back off on the throttle. Your fear is still driving the car. That is why, when you get up to the fear, I want you to go full throttle.

You have to trust that there is a Grand Prix driver inside you. If you don’t go fast, you’ll never meet the driver inside you. I want you to push yourself, push that throttle, so the driver in you comes forward and takes over the car. If I let you go slowly, the coward in you is still driving the car. There is only one way the professional driver can come out and that is by pushing hard on the accelerator. When you go to full throttle, you have to trust that the professional racecar driver in you will take over.

Except taken from “Before you quit your job” by Robert Kiyosaki

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