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Magellan’s Travels

By tehconi | August 9, 2014

When I was younger and a student, I wrote a story drawing inspiration from Magellan’s Travels for English Literature class.  My teacher, a hot woman in her 20s, gave me a good grade and told me that she was impressed.

Looking back, I think the explorer streak is always in me even since young.  It is my innate nature. That’s why, I think there is a reason why I took certain paths and made certain decisions in my life although on the surface of it they seemed chaotic and reckless.  If I had made another decision or taken another path, that would not be the authentic me.

Like the great traveller Magellan, I have travelled quite a bit.  Not so much physically but more mentally. Magellan explored the physical world.  I explored my mental world.  With every venture, the boundaries are pushed further a bit more.

I am always excited to find out what more I will discover – about myself, about people and the world.  Setting sail gives us the opportunity to discover.  Upon discovery, what do you do with it? Do you sail around the world chasing infinite unknowns or drop anchor selectively in the lands which are fertile and hold potential for development?

Sinking roots in something which we love gives us deep satisfaction.  Setting sail and exploring the unknown enriches the human experience and gives us new ideas.

“Several times in my life, I have done utterly reckless things with so little motive, that I have found it difficult to explain them to myself afterwards.” ~ Arthur Conan Doyle

I feel the same way and am glad to meet a kindred soul in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Despite the agony and internal conflicts, he turned out well for the contribution made to literature and imagination.  It gives me hope that all will be good in due course.  It gets better =)

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