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Look for crumbs of joy, and trust them

By tehconi | December 6, 2016

“… the universe is constantly trying to use your JOY as a way of communicating your destiny to you. If you feel a hint of joy, that means you’re on the right track. If not, you’re going in the wrong direction. The scattered moments of joy that you feel in your life are meant to be clues: THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING; THIS IS THE KIND OF PERSON YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE WITH; THIS IS HOW YOU ARE MEANT TO FEEL.

… if we refuse to seek joy, believe in joy, trust joy, and follow our JOY — then the universe will resort to using suffering and pain to try to get our attention…but God would really rather communicate your destiny to you through joy. So try that first.

Look for crumbs of joy, and trust them.”

– Elizabeth Gilbert

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Thanks Liz.

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