This is a personal blog – of what I see, hear, experience and think about.  It’s a place to capture the sights, images, sounds, voices, words, experiences, and thoughts which have made an impact on me in some way.

Have you had light bulb moments, where you are jerked out of your mental self-warp zone, and suddenly see things in a totally new perspective ?   Most of the time, we are so self-absorbed in our prejudices, mindset, culture and habits.  As our senses continue to indulge in the glittering distractions of daily life, a word or an image or a person stands out and knocks us over with an awakening, understanding or appreciation of something which we have taken for granted all along.

Every light bulb moment is significant.  Like a candle in darkness, it illuminates and expands the clarity of our vision.  Bit by bit, moment by moment, the zone of illumination expands as the darkness of ignorance is dispelled layer by layer.  The more the path is lit, the more you realise how vast the darkness is.  The upside is, there is always more to learn about, and life is not that boring any more.